Droid Beyond Innovation

  • Droid Wash
    Droid Wash
    Touchless car equipment that uses
    the latest innovation of hydraulic technology.
  • H Track
    Droid Wash
    Sturdy and strong track which suitable
    for any types of vehicles.
  • M Lift
    M Lift
    Motorcycle-washing equipment made by
    the best materials and perfect measurement.
  • Single Post
    Single Post
    X-type track designed for car wash business
    that has many advantages.

Merk DROID resmi terdaftar di HKI Indonesia dengan rincian sbb:

Nomor Permohonan : J002012027525
Nomor Pengumuman : BRMA8314
Nomor Pendaftaran : 458166
Tanggal Pengumuman : 19 November 2014

Providing equipments that give you the best car wash experience since 2012

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Saran Design Layout untuk Usaha Car Wash

Placement Design

To facilitate your plan to build a car wash business, we took the initiative to create a standard layout for your business by optimizing the placement of the equipment with the land area.